Grounding Down, Lifting Up


This summer's been tricky. For a number of reasons my anxiety, sense of self and allover 'having it together' levels have been low. Not catastrophically so, but noticeably less secure than usual greet the day, I love mangoes, would you like to be my friend Morgs. 

Because the universe is a cosmic swirling mess providing exactly what we need when we need it most, my saving graces came in a number of different forms. Whether it was a surprise facetime from a friend travelling 20,000 miles away or free cup of coffee when I was short of change, a lot of the things popped up that brought me back to myself.

And it made me think, what can I do to ground myself? What can I have in my back pocket when my brain gets fuzzy and my voice a little shaky?

Ergo this is my end-of-the-world checklist for when floating back down. 

  • Write down the name of five friends. Unless you all work as secret agents, one will always pick up.

  • Notice where you feel calm, at peace and in your body. Note this down and come back when the world is too loud and you can't quite focus. From favourite walks to yoga flows, different parks or a specific spot where the sun hits in the afternoon, let that be where you can rest and come home.

  • Make a playlist. Whether it's Jay Z (bae) firing up or City and Colour (also bae) slowing you down, make it when you feel great and switch on when you're a little lower.

  • Feel how you behave in your clothes. Do they make you feel constricted and self-conscious or flowing and free? Does your jewelry feel ostentatious or integral? Are embellishments bringing you home or masking you up? Don't be afraid to take it all off. Or put it all on. The beauty of grounding down is that it is so specifically personal.

  • Commit to remembering that today is not forever. 24 hours or three weeks of feeling away from yourself is not the end of the world. In actual fact, noticing you feel spacy or ungrounded is the first movement back down. Be kind with yourself. Remind yourself, today not forever.

Once they're all checked off, we'll be well on our way to grounding back down. And the more securely we ground down, the more brilliantly we can lift up.

How wonderfully reassuring.