If you want to be light you have to let go.


Hey you.

You, who isn’t quite sure what’s happening at the moment. You, who can feel the shifts as change thunders through your world and nothing looks the same.

You, who can feel the soil underfoot again, as you root and earth and return. You, who can hear your own heart once more. You, who can finally breathe as you let go.

I know you didn’t mean to get so lost. That you didn’t realise how many turns you would have to take until you were able to come home again. I know this year has been hard and only now can you see how much you held onto the suffering, as if pain would give your love purpose.

I know that the clinging is seductive. To pray that people will better for us, that we can make them better. It’s comforting to hope and wish and pray that things could be different, that all those red flags never existed. But they did and things are not as they were. Including you.

So just let go.

Let go of what could have been and wasn’t. You did as well as you could with the tools you had.

Let go of anything that does not serve you now. The person you are becoming has no time to repeat old mistakes.

Let go of what happened to you. What happened by you. What happened through you. Allow the guilt and sadness to enter but release them when they're healed.

Remember that the lessons you need to learn will repeat until you allow them in, feel them out and let them go.

Remember that you are allowed to fail.

Allow yourself to expand and contract as you shift up and root down. As you sleep deeply and rest truly. As your heart grows brave and the words come back.

Feel your pounding heart. You are still here.

Let the love in.

Do it now.

Blissfully yours,

Morgs x