LOVE LETTER #3 - Forgiver

Forgiveness is another name for freedom.
— Katie Byron

You have been hurt.

You have been hurt and lied to and made a fool. You have laughed as untruths were whispered and deception lay down beside you each night. You have held the hand of those who have loved you selfishly, loved you like a child.

You have hurt.

You have inflicted hurt, and lied, and made others fools. You have laughed as untruths were whispered and lay down next to your own deceptions each night. You have held the hand of those you have loved selfishly, loved like a child.

You can forgive both these people.

It is within your gift to accept that the faults others commit are not so far from the faults you have too. It is possible to shed our own hurt, our own humiliation and surrender by letting go.

The only way out is through.

Take your grief, your discomfort and let it sink with the sun. Do not chase after it when it is gone. Do not wallow or romanticise your story. The years will pass and this page of your life will fade.

Let it.

Move through your pain, speak truth to your remorseful heart and then close the book.

We are free when we forgive, when we trust that the universe will not let us fall too far before rushing in. When we act out of love.

You are allowed to love the ones that hurt you and you are allowed to love yourself for inflicting pain. Stay in their arms when the grace is wild, when the love is raw. Leave when you are unsure, when you betray your truth.

We are free to return to those who were careless with our hearts.

We are free to ask them to leave and not to disturb anything else on the way out.

We are free when we forgive.

When we honour the grace in letting go.

Blissfully yours,

Morgs x

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