Podcast Roundup (September)


Living in Australia as a non-native with no car, bike or unicorn meant that this summer was mostly just me, my trusty backpack and a great podcast (or seven) to keep me company. Now that summer is nearing a close, the sun quite literally packed up and buggered off come September 1st, I thought I'd bring together the ones that made the time fly by. 

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  • My Dad Wrote A Porno : Quite possibly the only podcast that I have ever actually choked on from laughing so hard. Jamie Morton, joined by funny friends Alice Levine and James Cooper, narrates his Dad's fictional erotic novels. Featuring an incredibly questionable main character 'Belinda' and her gaggle of misfit lovers and adventures, it'll make you giggle, say oh my and really appreciate the fact that your parents probably don't write pornographic fiction. 



  • Soul Sparks : Kristin Lohr, creator of beautiful quotes, insights and newsletters (Instagram - @WeAreSoulSparks),  'gets real about what it means to live a big, bold, electric life.' Still relatively new, with only 15 episodes, this one hits me right in the heart bone. Drawing on the high times and the dark days, Kristin's guests get raw and deep as they open and share. A real gem.  Favourite Episodes : #4 Connie Chapman, #7 Kylie McBeath and #11 Vienna Pharaon.
  • From the Heart : Rachel Brathen, founder of Instagram's #yogaeverydamnday and @Yoga_Girl, has branched into audio! A wonderfully relaxing tempo as she sets sail on talking new motherhood, getting back to the mat, mindfulness and no bullshit. Perfect for a cosy weeknight when the candles are lit and supper is cooking away. 
  • Awaken Radio : Aussie Life Coach Connie presents episodes 'filled with inspiring guidance to help you clear out your fears, transform your mind, crack open your heart and rise into your highest potential.' I prefer the interviews to the stand alone episodes as the guests get raw and real on air which makes for great listening. Best for : turning inwards, growing softer and opening up.
  • Chasing Joy : A new find, I've just started listening and so far am a big fan. Georgie shares 'meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life.' Touching on how damaging diet culture is, paired with an intuitive holistic approach to food is hugely refreshing. Stay tuned because I think this one will be a repeat performance next month. 




  • Bulletproof Radio : When I first listened to Dave Asprey's podcast I thought he had a one-off deal to sell a product and that's why the first 5 minutes were him pushing said product into my ears. Hundreds of episodes later, I realise this is the formula. Sell you something then give you a bucket load of useable, great content. The trade off is small and one I'm willing to make for some of the knowledge I've gained from his interviews. From the 'father of biohacking' and a man quite literally prepared to go under the knife in his quest for optimal body function (we're talking stem cells injected into his brain), it's a fascinating exploration of mortality, nutrition, functionality and using our bodies and gut as the key to happiness. I go in and out of love with bulletproof depending on where I am on the body-bothered scale (sometimes the last thing I want is more information on food) but when I'm feeling it, it's all I'll listen to for a fortnight. Winner.


  • Mind Body Green : Founder and CEO of MindBodyGreen Jacob Wachob 'shares motivational interviews with the people shaping the wellness world: pioneers, cutting-edge thinkers, and entrepreneurs who are changing the conversation.' No frills, no set talking points and honesty like no other. I love this podcast. It gets behind some of the biggest names (Melissa Hartwig - Founder of Whole30 and REBBL Foods CEO - Sheryl O'Loughlin) and asks the tough questions. I'm going to class this one as 'wellness with backbone.' More content, no filler and a lot of inspiration. Also probably the only podcast that spans all of my moods. No matter the funk, I'm down for an MBG sesh.