What Did You Come Here To Do?


The boutique fitness industry in London is booming.

From spin classes to functional circuits, hot yoga to pilates and military bootcamps to barre, we're on a roll. As someone who isn't a member of the Saudi Royal Family, I have to be more frugal with which I attend. For me, quality over quantity is paramount. I don't mind spending a little more if the value added spills over to other areas of my life. One extra class per week on top of my gym and yoga memberships is more than enough. That being said, I can see why they draw the crowds they do. 

One of the trainers at Psycle (London's answer to SoulCycle) took us on an incredible ride this week. Usually I tune out when the instructors get off of the bike, (especially when I'm drowning in sweat and cant feel my hands) but homegirl could DANCE. I never thought seeing someone jump around would make me want to turn the resistance up but my LORD did it.

As she was hyping up a room of sweaty and struggling adults at 8:30 on a Thursday morning, she asked an incredible question. Shouting over the music, she said,

'What did you come here to do today? Did you come here to be better? To push harder? To grow stronger? What did you come here to do?' 

This hit me right between the eyes.

My intention at the beginning of the class had been to 'let go'. To be in the room, with the music and out of my head. But what had I really come to Psycle to do? Had I come to stave off anxiety, had I come out of love for pushing my limits, what was my purpose in being there that morning? 

This led me to another grander thought. What had I come here to do in my relationships, my friendships, my work, my words? What had I come here to do? 

And this is where the value added part comes in.

A Psycle class is £20 a go and for 45 minutes of sweat I expect to get a little more than sore quads. This question more than settled us up. To recognise and pinpoint what my motivations are behind my actions. To narrow down my intentions and then honour them. To stay accountable to my dedication when the inspiration has passed. To understand that on a higher level, all I ever have to do is show up everyday and bring whatever I can to the table. 

I love a motivational quote. Give me a pinterest picture or tumblr cliché and we good to go. This was everything rolled into one. To identify intention and honour it, even when it would be far, far easier not to. Whether that means carving out more time for soul work, swapping half an hour of sleep for a walk or sticking to schedule, it's all within our ability. 

Identify intention and honour it. Awesome.